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We are a brazilian indie game studio focused on creating games with enchanting graphics in pixel art and a fun gameplay. We are passionate about creating new universes and would love to have you on our adventures.

Runic World

Runic World is a MMORPG for PC and Mobile with an immersive story and a rich universe of characters, focused on training creatures.

After years of learning with Merlin, you decide to set off on your own journey seeking to record in your diary all of the existing Runics. Many dangers and adventures await you on this path.

Portal Image
Portal Image
Nameless Image

Nameless project is a fantasy MMORPG for PC and Mobile with fast paced and skill based combat.

You can collect dozens of heroes with unique gameplay to explore this vast world. You will face Goblins, Orcs, Demons, Undeads and even Dragons.

Soon more information about this game will be revealed.

Wingeon Team

We’re extremely proud to have such talented people lend their incredible efforts to the ambitious projects we dive deep into.

Nogard Img

Brendon Nogard

Creative Director

Baxnie Img

Henrique Baxnie

Executive Producer

Manowell Img

Manowell Messias

Pixel Artist

Krex Img

Marcelo Krex

Level Designer

Murilo Img

Murilo Henrique


Nathan Img

Nathan Oliveira

Lead Pixel Artist

Ninah Img

Raphaella Ninah

Community Manager

Higor Leo Img

Higor Leonardo

Executive Producer

Caio Img

Caio Antunes

Executive Producer

Higor Gal Img

Higor Galvão

Lead Pixel Artist

Bruno Img

Bruno Carvalho

Lead Programmer

Sthefany Img

Sthefany Waleski

Level Designer

Josuel Img

Josuel Darone

Level Designer

Our team is constantly growing. If you wanna join us, send your resume to